Exhibition: PichiAvo, In God We Trust

August 2017

Exhibition review : PichiAvo, #Ingodwetrust


Held at the Unit, London, Wardour Street

PichiAvo are a Spanish duo and their exhibition is being held in the basement of Unit London, an art gallery on Wardour street between July and September.

I was a bit apprehensive about seeing grafitti art as its never been something I’ve really looked at or appreciated before. However, when a friend asked me to check it out we went along and were both absolutely mesmerised by the art.

In god we trust, the concept was simple. Combine greek mythology with modern, urban spray painting with detail blended in over the top along with more layers of spraypaint, acrylic and more traditionally known street art grafitti – with #PichiAvo adding their signature marks over the top.

The concept is really clever – combining old history and mythology with new and current techniques which will no doubt increase the diversity of the audience and hugely increase the appeal for the art.
The intricacy and detail of the artwork was absolutely incredible and I was so inspired to take on the Old Vs New theme.

Inspiration points:
– Combining the idea of an old concept with a new
– The way the exhibition was presented, in the basement
with a progress video made, not giving away any of the
art and a wall print of the history

-Marketing efforts – big instagram presence but not a
huflge amount of activity

Display – 5/5

Information around exhibition 4/5 – great glossy inspiration
leaflets and thumbnails

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