Love, Fame, Tragedy – Pablo Picasso’s Exhibition at the Tate

I was lucky to be able to attend a corporate supporters preview of Picasso’s ‘Once in a lifetime’ exhibition. With artwork curated from museums, galleries and private collectors – never has this work been exhibited side by side in a gallery.

I LOVE picasso’s work, when I read more about him and his life – his work just oozes originality and so much character.

Within his artwork are hidden messages and people – painted in such an abstract form. Into his work is woven in personality, overlaid with conceptual meanings and emotions.

Picasso regularly paints – as seen in a number of his paintings:

  • a geometric/ highly detailed pattern print in the background
  • abstract figures in pastels and vibrant colours with thick black, almost childlike simplified lines
  • an eclectic mix of colours that wouldn’t ordinarily be combined together in a painting

The irony of choosing colours that you wouldn’t put together if you were trying to make a contrasting palette just shows another view of picasso not conforming to the ‘rules’.

at first in fact, Picasso’s work was not liked because it was unconventional, however he along with … invented cubism.

Inspiration to take from this:

  • busy geometric patterns
  • thick childlike black outlines
  • an unconventional colour palette

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