Love, Fame, Tragedy – Pablo Picasso’s Exhibition at the Tate

I was lucky to be able to attend a corporate supporters preview of Picasso’s ‘Once in a lifetime’ exhibition. With artwork curated from museums, galleries and private collectors – never has this work been exhibited side by side in a gallery.

I LOVE picasso’s work, when I read more about him and his life – his work just oozes originality and so much character.

Within his artwork are hidden messages and people – painted in such an abstract form. Into his work is woven in personality, overlaid with conceptual meanings and emotions.

Picasso regularly paints – as seen in a number of his paintings:

  • a geometric/ highly detailed pattern print in the background
  • abstract figures in pastels and vibrant colours with thick black, almost childlike simplified lines
  • an eclectic mix of colours that wouldn’t ordinarily be combined together in a painting

The irony of choosing colours that you wouldn’t put together if you were trying to make a contrasting palette just shows another view of picasso not conforming to the ‘rules’.

at first in fact, Picasso’s work was not liked because it was unconventional, however he along with … invented cubism.

Inspiration to take from this:

  • busy geometric patterns
  • thick childlike black outlines
  • an unconventional colour palette

Kids’ Portrait workshop: Session 1

Last weekend we had a kids’ portrait workshop covering the basics – proportion, techniques, art tools and materials. We tried out different surfaces, pencils, charcoal and felt tip. It’s safe to say our mini artists enjoyed a structured, encouraging environment to help develop their own styles! We will be building on skills over the weeks to come and I can’t wait to share some images of my mini artists work developing!

The next session will be an artist spotlight – portraits in the style of a very special cubist artist…. Keep your eyes peeled for it!

Daisy portrait Rosso art workshop20181013_120317IMG_20181013_132535_022Mahish portrait Rosso art workshop


Goa’s geometry and architecture

Goa, much like all the other Indian states, has its own distinctive personality.

I’ve always had the perception that Goa is the most culturally western state in India. Whilst everyone speaks English(!) it still does feel very much like India, cows roaming, stray animals galore, an abundance of tourist stalls with the difference being that there are more churches than the northern states I’ve previously visited.

The St Francis of Assisi  Church in east Pannaji was a brick red masterpiece from afar and whilst everyone was seemingly busy looking at the history and praying – I took some time to look at all the architecture and geometric patterns in search of Portuguese influence.

I found numerous tiles hidden on the side of altar posts, in smaller rooms, beautiful ceilings with geometric tiles with complimentary tones including sea green, cobalt blue and the erosion of the tiles revealing a burnt terracotta underneath – a ready made color palette for my Goan/ India collection coming soon!

The tiles were almost eroded away, but with a repeat pattern capturing the florals, curves and geometry – the wearing away of the tile layer added to the authenticity and revelaed the terracotta which works so well.

The Goan collection.


Art Journal quick study to capture the mood, tones and composition to inform my next collection.


Sita Morar Journal - Goa

Sita Morar Journal – Goa

Parallax Art Fair, London

I was lucky enough to be invited to the private viewing last night of the art fair that will be on until 4th February 2017 in Kensington Town Hall. Parallax art fair has 200 independent exhibitors (from around the world) and around 7000 art masterpieces on display from sculpture, textiles, oil and watercolour paintings.

I met the lovely Jennifer Morrow from the BBC’s great painting challenge in 2017 who told me about how her collection represents how she feels, being from Belfast and living in London. Jennifer described being isolated in London, being surrounded by so many people and familiar faces but still being feeling alone in such a big city. The collection on display was inks, watercolours and alcohol to create abstract faces – beautifully blended with fine detail of rich bold hues and layers building up facial features. I haven’t seen anything like it before – it was very original!


I would recommend a visit before the event finishes this weekend, it’s always great to meet artists and find out more about their inspiration first hand.

Parallax art fair 2018 review:

Promotion – 3/5 (there wasn’t a huge deal of promotion around the event)
Display and artwork selection – 5/5
Overall visit – would definitely recommend a visit!

Exhibition: PichiAvo, In God We Trust

August 2017

Exhibition review : PichiAvo, #Ingodwetrust


Held at the Unit, London, Wardour Street

PichiAvo are a Spanish duo and their exhibition is being held in the basement of Unit London, an art gallery on Wardour street between July and September.

I was a bit apprehensive about seeing grafitti art as its never been something I’ve really looked at or appreciated before. However, when a friend asked me to check it out we went along and were both absolutely mesmerised by the art.

In god we trust, the concept was simple. Combine greek mythology with modern, urban spray painting with detail blended in over the top along with more layers of spraypaint, acrylic and more traditionally known street art grafitti – with #PichiAvo adding their signature marks over the top.

The concept is really clever – combining old history and mythology with new and current techniques which will no doubt increase the diversity of the audience and hugely increase the appeal for the art.
The intricacy and detail of the artwork was absolutely incredible and I was so inspired to take on the Old Vs New theme.

Inspiration points:
– Combining the idea of an old concept with a new
– The way the exhibition was presented, in the basement
with a progress video made, not giving away any of the
art and a wall print of the history

-Marketing efforts – big instagram presence but not a
huflge amount of activity

Display – 5/5

Information around exhibition 4/5 – great glossy inspiration
leaflets and thumbnails

Inspiration is everywhere

Everyone has an inner artist, how you choose to portray your thoughts, inspirations and feelings defines the type of artist you are. But what’s to say if you like writing you can’t be a visual artist? Or if you’re a skilled musician that you can’t turn some of your inspirational sounds and words into a great piece of visual artwork?

The most powerful pieces of art are those which go beyond the visible art. They have a whole story or concept behind them or a greater inspiration which is intertwined in every brushstroke, reflected in the colour palette, layers and detail.

At The Rosso Art Company, our values are to bring out and encourage everyones inner visual artist, and if you’re passionate about any other sort of art/ movement – translate this into some visual art!

We will be running some art workshops soon, and we can help you with the techniques to get your creativity out there, so work on your inspiration and influences!

Please do contact us if you need any ideas or guidance, we’re always happy to help 🙂



Zurich, Old town

A long weekend trip to Zurich inspired me to start painting the stunning scenery around me and cultural visits to the largest clock face on church in Europe, scenes of rolling hills, and mountains behind inspired me for my next collection of painting and artwork.

The painting below is inspired by the Church in old town, Zurich with its vibrant primary shades and abstract style. It is acrylic on canvas board.

Rosso Art Company - Old town Church Zurich

St Peter’s Church, Old Town Zurich

The view from the apartment in Kusnacht was absolutely stunning, I couldn’t help but soak up the atmosphere and paint a super quick watercolour! See a progress video of a watercolour painting at the apartment here.


The view from the apartment, Kusnacht