Artists are everywhere

Everyone has an inner artist, how you choose to portray your thoughts, inspirations and feelings defines the type of artist you are. But what’s to say if you like writing you can’t be a visual artist? Or if you’re a skilled musician that you can’t turn some of your inspirational sounds and words into a great piece of visual artwork?

The most powerful pieces of art are those which go beyond the visible art. They have a whole story or concept behind them or a greater inspiration which is intertwined in every brushstroke, reflected in the colour palette, layers and detail.

At The Rosso Art Company, our values are to bring out and encourage everyones inner visual artist, and if you’re passionate about any other sort of art/ movement – translate this into some visual art!

We will be running some art workshops soon, and we can help you with the techniques to get your creativity out there, so work on your inspiration and influences!

Please do get in touch if you need any ideas or guidance, we’re always happy to help 🙂


We use the following brushes, to create our detailed paintings, buy the brushes below:

 Royal and Langnickel Natural Hair Super Value Brush Set